Put some efforts on me. You'll never regret. (Dedicated to love. The good. The bad. and the unknown)

Owe a mirror, please

I dont easily dislike people for no reason. I see many people are intelligent w brain. But the thing is some people dont use it when they talk. I prefer being w friends, till now. They care, they defend me and they make me smile. We have to respect people yaw. I dont care if youre older. Pls know it. I always prefer to be alone rather than being w people that gives nothing to me. 

Someone we barely talk, could assume bad things about us. Even the closest one do not know me well. This is weird. Dia pula boleh jadi kashaf tiba tiba tahu aku macam mana. Wah terror.

I dont bother bout people. I never start a fight w someone cos I hate arguments. Duduk rumah tak kacau orang. But somehow, there are people outhere find it fun. Keep blaming others. Keep saying ridiculous things. That shows how typical are you lah. You yourself advise people not to do something but you are doing e same thing.  Lemme advise you.

Owe a mirror.

Just please.

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